Odd Fellows Recording


Odd Fellows Recording is an audio recording studio built in a former Odd Fellows Hall in East Weymouth, Massachusetts (25 minutes south of Boston). The building was originally built as an opera house/ Odd Fellows meeting hall in 1889 and saw the rise of Vaudeville, musical theater, silent and talking pictures.


  • Live room A: 35x50 feet with 17 foot ceilings.
  • Live room B: 30x30 feet with 17 foot ceilings.
  • Inside live room A there are 8'x8'x8' and 4'x'8'x8' dead rooms/booths
  • Comfortable Control Room
  • Full kitchen
  • Off street parking
  • Short walk from East Weymouth commuter rail stop on Greenbush line out of South Station, Boston.
  • Also close to the 222 bus route from Quincy Center station on the Red Line (about 25 minute ride)

Owner/Engineer: Jerry MacDonald. Experience in many facets of recording from precise classical (thousands of location recordings) to blown out distorted tape machine rock and roll studio recordings.

Shorter Bio:Jerry MacDonald is a sound recording engineer who has made recordings in concert halls, classrooms, operating rooms, roofs, studios, houses, automobiles, nightclubs, cellars, outdoors, and at sea.

Haiku Bio:
I record the sounds
using both art and science
to strike the balance

Existentialist Bio:
Jerry is.